3.3.24/11/2013Added compatibility with Office 2013
Fixed bug with Office 2010 installations
3.3.13/9/2013Drag and drop functionality
Various bug fixes
Added as email provider
3.3.002/17/2013Added more name prefixes
Added more street names
Strings cannot be more than 32,767 characters (due to Excel's limit) (does not apply to MySQL, true HTML, true XML, Access database output)
Added transient custom lists option
Quantity can be saved across sessions, so if you use the same quantity frequently, you can store it without having to retype it each time
Added RANDOM.ORG API integration for integers and strings (no more than one API call every five minutes)
Added "This Worksheet" output type (for paid version), to put random data onto currently active worksheet
Introduced primitive regex pattern mask for random strings, i.e.
'?' stands for one of any character (alphanumeric)
'@' stands for one of any letter
'#' stands for one of any number
'\' followed by any character, prints that character literally, except '\h' prints a hexadecimal character (0-F)
any other characters are printed literally
Added "Marital Status" field (either "Single" or "Married") to pro version
Added "MAC Address" field to pro version (six pairs of hex characters separated by hyphens) – uses regex parser
Added "UUID" field to pro version – uses regex parser
Added "NPI Number" field to pro version
Added "IMEI Code" field to pro version
Added "CAS Registry Number" to pro version
Added "NDC" field to pro version
Added "ISO Country Codes" field to pro version
Added "ICD-10 Codes" field to pro version
Can paste random data with or without headers (does not apply to MySQL, true HTML, true XML, Access database output)
Free version is now a 30 day trial, after which the program will not run
Forward compatibility with Excel 2007+ if compatibility pack is installed with Office 2003. Save to XLSX, XLSB, XLSM in Office 2003 if compatibility pack is installed.
Added new credit card type: Diner's Club
Credit card numbers can be formatted with hyphens
Random data (including API calls) can be returned without prepending single quotes for certain data fields
Added new API method "GetFields" which returns an array of all available fields
Compatibility with Windows 8
3.207/30/2012Added configurable options page
Added new output formats: XML, MySQL, HTML, XLSM
Added new fields: Province (Canada), Country Capitals, Department, Job Title, SIN (Canada), Weight, Blood Type, Tracking Numbers, ISBN, Boolean, Integer (replaces "Number"), VIN, UPC, Random Strings, Hire Date, Fax Number, Byte, GUID, Continents, Oceans, GPA
Removed output formats: Excel 5.0/95 Workbook
Credit card output checked using Luhn algorithm
Fixed GPA output
Fixed Zip Code output
Fixed email address, now returns valid first initial-last name combination instead of random string
Added more street names
Added API for programmatic access to RDG using VBA
Can now move multiple items up or down in both listboxes
Requires DAO 3.6, MSXML 6.0, WSHOM, Scripting Runtime, RegEx
Row limit is not enforced for external outputs: HTML, MySQL, XML, MDB/ACCDB
RDG is now on its own Ribbon tab (Excel 2007+)
Price lowered to $29.95 USD
Free version outputs only five records at a time
3.109/22/2011Support for Microsoft® Excel 2010 (32-bit Office)
3.009/17/2010Added new fields and output formats; first commercial version
2.04/16/2009Added new fields: maiden name, country, suffix, prefix, middle initial
1.02/6/2009Initial Release
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