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Chandoo (Excel MVP) has created a suite of Excel training e-books, online classrooms and video courses to further your Excel knowledge.

project management templates

Chandoo (Excel MVP) has released a set of 24 templates for Project Management in Excel. If you do any kind of project management in Excel, it's worth taking a look at these.

project management templates

Project Management Templates for Excel

You get 26 beautifully designed templates to manage all aspects of a single project – right from planning to tracking to reporting.

  • Gantt Chart Templates for Project Planning – 8 varieties
  • Tracking Templates – 8 trackers
  • Project Management Charts – 5 charts
  • Project Dashboards – 3 varieties

These files are…

  • …beautifully designed so that you can just plug data & present
  • …easy to use so that you can focus on project management than Excel
  • …interactive so that you can change settings & customize the way your dashboards look
  • …optimized for printing so that you can spread the good word

All files are unlocked for easy customization
Includes bonus e-book on Excel Charting because we want you to create stunning charts


project dashboard

gantt chart template

Which version do you need?

Project Management Templates for Excel 2003
excel 2003 project management templates
Project Management Templates for Excel 2007
excel 2007 project management templates
Project Management Templates for Excel 2003 and 2007
excel 2003,2007,2010 project management templates logo

Chandoo's Excel Formulas E-Book

e-book header
Billed as "the fastest and the funnest way to learn Excel formulas," this e-book covers 75 of the most used Excel functions. Includes parameters and sample usage. You get:

  • One zipped copy of the e-book in PDF format
  • The book is yours to print and read as many times as you want
  • You will be eligible for future upgrades to this book as and when they are released

Excel Formula E-Book by Chandoo

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Chandoo's Crash Course in Excel Formulas

If you use MS Excel to do data analysis, reporting, day to day tracking or project management then this is the right course for you. If you struggle with formulas or not sure which formula to use for any given occasion, then this is the perfect course for you. We will be introducing more than 40 different formulas with 100s of examples in this course. As we will be using realistic data & examples, you can very quickly apply the same to your day to day work and do so much more with ease & confidence.

Excel Formula Crash Course - Download

Course Modules

The course consists of six separate modules to get you on your feet and running with Excel quickly.

Excel Formula Crash Course description


  • Six weeks of lessons, one module per week emailed to you
  • Sample workbooks and homework to apply lessons learned
  • Links to download HD versions of the lesson videos
  • A full year of online access to view lessons
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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Chandoo's Excel Dashboard Video Tutorial

Chandoo also offers a downloadable video tutorial which teaches you how to recreate the spectacular dashboards featured below.

dashboard image


Here is what you will learn:

  • Dashboard design principles
  • Data arrangement & cleaning
  • Using Pivot Tables to summarize data
  • Word clouds in Excel
  • Using Form controls to add interactivity to dashboards
  • Using VBA to add interactivity to dashboards
  • Using Picture links & conditional formatting to make an impression


  • Creating a static website dashboard – 65 minute lesson
  • Creating an interactive dashboard (non-VBA) to report a forum statistics – 45 minute lesson
  • Creating an interactive dashboard (VBA) to report Cricket Worldcup statistics – 35 minute lesson
  • Website Dashboard – 2 files
  • Interactive Dashboard (Forum Statistics) – 1 file
  • Interactive Dashboard (World-cup Stats) – 1 file
  • On-Demand charts in Excel – 1 file

As a bonus, Chandoo has added the following to the download package:

  • 90 minute lesson: Introduction to Excel
  • 40 minute lesson: Interactive charts with VBA

As usual, there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the product.

dashboard video tutorial

Excel School header logo logo

Excel School is an online Excel training program provided by Chandoo.

You get:

excel school lesson plan

  • 1300+ minutes of online lessons
  • 8 hours on Excel dashboards (optional)
  • Example Excel workbooks
  • Online classroom access
  • Formula cheat sheet and keyboard shortcut list
  • Charting e-book

Hundreds of folks from all over the world have already taken these classes to expand their knowledge of Excel.

learn excel dashboards

Still aren't convinced? Watch this video to learn more:

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VBA Classes

In addition to Excel School, Chandoo also offers VBA courses. Watch this video to learn more: logo

Learn Power Pivot with this interactive course from Chandoo

power pivot class

Course Syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Excel 2010 & 2013
  2. Installation & Set up of Power Pivot
  3. Creating your first Power Pivot report
  4. Power Pivot Case Study
  5. End-user Reporting need analysis
  6. Creating a data model & refining it
  7. Using Tables & Structured References
  8. Using Pivot Tables & Slicers
  9. SQL Basics
  10. Power Pivot formulas & DAX
  11. Complex DAX examples
  12. Working with time-intelligence
  13. Disconnected tables & slicers
  14. Power Pivot Dashboard #1
  15. Form controls & interactivity
  16. Charting & Dashboard Theory
  17. Power Pivot Dashboard #2
  18. Using Power View in Excel 2013
  19. Discussion on new features of Power Pivot in 2013
  20. Hosting & Sharing your Power Pivot workbooks

Bonus material:

  • Rob Collie’s DAX formulas for Power Pivot e-book
  • Top 10 DAX formulas – Cheat sheet
  • Guest lesson by Rob Collie on "Power Pivot Magic Show"
  • Guest lesson by Ken Puls on "Using Power Pivot in Accounting & Finance"

The Power Pivot course can be combined with Excel School for even greater value! This course has a limited registration window. Click now to find out when the next course is opening.

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Project Portfolio Templates

Brought to you by Chandoo, the Project Portfolio Templates package is perfect for Project and Program Managers who need to keep track of multiple projects, budgets and team members. You get 5 professionally designed, very powerful Excel workbooks to keep track of projects with ease. You will get:

  • Project Portfolio Dashboards – 2 versions (simple & complex)
  • Interactive Project Timeline Chart
  • Simplified Time line Chart
  • Stand alone Gantt Chart Template


project portfolio dashboard
project portfolio dashboard

Combine these with the Project Management templates for a great value.

PTS Logo

The Peltier Tech Chart Utility is an add-in for Microsoft Excel to create and format different chart types, including Marimekko, Cluster and Dot Plot charts. Works in Excel 2013 and includes 8 custom chart types.


  • Works in Excel for Windows versions 2007, 2010, and 2013 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Integrated into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software as a standard add-in.
  • Create complex charts in a few simple steps using intuitive dialogs.
  • No programming or formula skills needed, no complicated instructions to follow.
  • Easy to install, and the utility adds a custom tab to the Excel Ribbon.
  • Customize the finished chart with your own colors, fonts, and other formatting.
  • Easily access this functionality from your own VBA programs.
Peltier Tech Charting Utilities for ExcelPurchase

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