Can I download/buy the source code for RDG?

At this time the source code for this AddIn is not publicly available.

Can you customize RDG for me/my organization?

Yes — use the contact page and we'll discuss privately.

How much sample data can I produce?

With each click of the "Submit" button you can produce up to 64 fields of data. For Excel formats (xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb) you are limited to Excel's row limit. For other output types (HTML, MySQL, XML, MDB/ACCDB) you are not bound to Excel's row limit.

See Features for more information about data types and fields.

Can you add more output formats or fields?

It depends on who is asking — if you want it for yourself or your company only, I offer paid support. If it is something that will benefit the existing and future users, I'll consider adding it for free. Contact me or ask in the forum.

How does the RANDOM.ORG API integration work?

If you request Integers or Strings, and on the Options form you request them from RANDOM.ORG, then RDG will attempt to call the RANDOM.ORG API. Note that random strings returned from the API will only contain numbers and (upper and lower case) letters — no special characters. There will also be a slight delay as RDG has to fetch content from the website.

To prevent clients from getting hit with an IP ban, there is a built-in delay. You may not call the API more than once every five minutes, and if RDG goes over quota, there is a 30-minute delay between quota checks.

If you need a lot of numbers, or think you will need more numbers in the near future, request them all at once. Don't issue a lot of requests for small amounts of numbers. Make a single large request and then store the extra numbers somewhere until you need them. Otherwise, RDG will simply bypass the RANDOM.ORG API and you will be getting random numbers from Excel instead.

I paid for the addin, but didn't receive the email with download instructions.

Check your spam folder for an email from on behalf of Jimmy Pena []

The subject should be

Random Data Generator AddIn For Excel 2003-2013

If you still don't see it, make sure you are checking the same email address you used to submit payment. It's also possible that your payment didn't clear, or is delayed — certain types of payments do not clear right away. Contact me if you have exhausted all methods and still don't have the email.

I got the email with download instructions, but can't download the program.

Each download link expires after five download attempts or five days (whichever comes first). If you've tried five times to download the program but still can't complete the download, or five days have passed, please contact me.

I downloaded but can't install the program.

Verify that you are running the installer with administrator rights and that you have enough disk space to install the program (see System Requirements). If you are running Excel 2010 and up, verify that it is installed as the 32-bit version. If not, you are running 64-bit Office and cannot use this addin.

How do I get notified of updates and new versions?

There are two major update channels: mailing list (email) or forum.

When you purchase RDG, you are automatically added to the update mailing list. You will receive an email when an upgrade is available.

You can also follow the Announcements forum in any of the following ways:

  1. Bookmark the forum URL
  2. Follow the Announcements forum RSS feed

Announcements are also made on the blog and my Twitter account.

Are the credit card numbers real?

No. Credit card numbers, SSN and SIN numbers, addresses, tracking numbers, driver's license and other unique identifiers are randomly generated but syntactically valid. Any number that uses a check digit is automatically invalidated, so only invalid numbers are provided by the application. So you will not see real credit card numbers. Other numbers such as SSN or driver's license may resemble real information but this is coincidental.

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