Compare the Free and Pro Versions of RDG

I am offering a free trial version, so you can see for yourself what Random Data Generator can do for you, at no cost. I am so confident you will love this product that after trying it, you will buy it.

Free Version
Pro Version
Price$0.00 USD$29.95 USD
Excel 2003 SupportYesYes
Excel 2007 SupportYesYes
Excel 2010 SupportYesYes
Excel 2013 SupportYesYes
Support ForumYesYes
Output Fields2664
Output Formats314
Startup Nag ScreenYesNo
Maximum Records At Once5Row limit in Excel, unlimited for external formats
RANDOM.ORG API for random integers and stringsNoYes
Mersenne Twister algorithm for random number generationNoComing Soon!

Free version only outputs to current workbook, txt, xls formats. See Features for a list of output formats.

Site last updated: August 20, 2014